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What is the Lantik Electronic Bidding Platform?

The Lantik Electronic Tendering Platform is the system that allows bids and other documents required to take part in public procurements calls to tender to be submitted electronically, with all legal guarantees regarding security, data confidentiality and bid secrecy.

Thanks to this platform, Lantik has streamlined the internal management and simplified administrative procedures.

The bidders may submit the bid documents, obtain information on the progress of the procedure and receive notifications electronically, thus avoiding the need to travel.

What do I need to be able to submit an electronic bid?

You need to use an electronic certificate issued by Lantik, which could be a certificate for a legal entity or for an individual in the case of an entrepreneur or anybody who is the representative or the person with power of attorney of the bidder.

You should then download the Bid Submission application and the "Outline" of the call to tender that you want to bid for, from the Contractor's Profile and follow the instructions for the electronic bidding process.

What type of electronic certificates can be used?

Any electronic certificates accepted by Lantik can be used. You can check the necessary technical requirements, including the accepted electronic certificates, by clicking on this link

Do I have to need to obtain a permit to be able to send bids electronically?

No special permit is required. The Specific Administrative Specifications of the contract being tendered just need to expressly state that electronic bidding is allowed and you download the bid submission application and correctly identify yourself in the system with your electronic certificate.

How are the bids submitted electronically?

In the details of each of the dossiers, you will find an option where you can download an "Outline" of the bid that contains all the information needed to prepare the bid. You need to have downloaded the Bid Submission Application, which lets you prepare the bid without being connected to the platform, in order to open that “outline”.

Who signs the bids?

The person preparing and sending the bid is often not the signatory representative.

The platform requires one signatory to be selected and that person coincides with the person identified on the electronic signature certificate used to send the bid, but the person with power of attorney usually does not perform this action.

In those cases, the law requires that the electronic bid must be signed by the person(s) with power of attorney to represent the company in calls to bid. There are therefore two possibilities:

  • Either the whole bid is signed electronically, with the certificate of the person(s) with power of attorney, which would validate the information entered in the forms of the application.
  • Or the bid is signed using a certificate of an authorised person (valid certificate of a representative who is an individual or legal entity), and the electronic documents of the bid signed by the person(s) with power of attorney are attached.

    Therefore, the documents required to be signed by the person(s) with power of attorney would be the affidavit of compliance of the prerequisites and the bid itself.

In the case of a joint venture (UTE), when submitting the bid, the lead company must register the list of companies in the UTE and the person empowered as the representative who will submit the bid on behalf of the UTE. The documents submitted in that bid must be signed by all the companies in the UTE.

What happens when the signature of a single person with power of attorney is not valid to submit bids, but rather the joint signature of two or more persons with power of attorney is required?

The bid application, used to register and submit the bid, also has the option of including more than one person with power of attorney, with each of them using their own certificate.

Obviously, those persons must be empowered to enter into contracts

Can I provide digitalised copies of the documents?

The required documents must be digitally signed by the person(s) with power of attorney of the company, preferably in PDF format.

In the case of hard copy documents that have to be digitalised, they can be submitted with the representative using their electronic signature to guarantee that they tally with the original The Administration can ask to check the content of the copies and exceptionally ask the interested party to produce the original information or document.

How should the bid be prepared?

First, the "Outline" should be downloaded from the details of the dossier. The information to be attached in the bid will be set out in that outline. You will need to open the outline using the bid submission application (which will have to be previously downloaded) in order to prepare the bid. The program will indicate the information needed in order to prepare the bid.

The bids must be submitted during the period established in the Contractor's Profile.

When is the bid deemed to be submitted?

In order for the bid to be considered to be submitted, the company or bidder will need to prepare its bid, seal it and sign it electronically, and send it to the electronic bidding platform, obtaining the relevant receipt from the Lantik Electronic Registry.

The sealing of the bid in the computer of the bidder will not mean the sending for any purposes and if the bid were not sent to the platform, the bid will be considered not to be submitted.

The bids may be submitted 24 hours a day 7 days a week; the date and time of submitting the bid will be those that appear on the receipt issued by the Lantik Electronic Registry and will coincide with the time that reception of the bid has been completed.

The bids may be sent electronically either in full at one single time or in two phases, with the electronic signature of the bid being transmitted first, on receipt of which the submission will be deemed to have been carried out for all intents, and then the bid itself within 24 hours. If the second remittance is not performed within that deadline, the bid will be considered to have been withdrawn.

In those cases when the bidders opt to send the bid in two phases, for example, because difficulties are foreseen when uploading the bid due to its size, network connection problems, etc., they shall send the digital fingerprint (hash) of their bid before the end of the bid submission deadline in any event, but they shall have 24 hours to complete the sending of the bid.

The digital fingerprint (signed by the bidder) of each bid allows it to be checked that its contents have not been altered since it was sent by the bidder.

If the content of a bid cannot be accessed because the file is damaged, the local company generated in the computer of the bidder can be used, by checking that the digital fingerprint (hash) of the bid coincides with what is in the possession of the contracting authority.

What do we have to go if we have been invited to bid in a negotiated call to tender without publication?

You should access the Contractor's Profile (My Bidding Processes) using a certificate of a legal entity (or of the representative), which has to contain the tax number of the company that has been invited to bid. From the "My Bidding Processes" link, you can then download the "Outline" to be able to submit the bid. You will then have to proceed as for any another type of electronic bidding process.

Who has access to my data?

This bid submission application for the purposes of electronic bidding encrypts all the data that are submitted to protect their confidentiality and integrity. Only the employees specifically authorised by Lantik have access to the submitted data.

The personal data collected will undergo automated processing and be entered in the relevant Lantik personal data files. They will only and exclusively used for the purposes described in the relevant file.

How can I get assistance if an incident occurs during the contracting process?

Go to the Support section.


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