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Human Resources

Lantik recognises that people are the most important "asset" of the organisation and that human resource management has become a key element in our company.

At Lantik, providing solutions for the organisation, functioning and development needs of our customers necessarily stands for new organisational approaches, clarification of internal relationships and the incorporation of new people to the organisation.

Evolution of staff averages

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Evolution of qualifications

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Evolution of average age

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Evolution of percentage of staff by gender

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Custom made training plan

Our training plan comprises all of the company's professionals, and its objectives are focused on: promoting an increase in technical knowledge, fostering the development of skills and stimulating a culture of continuous training and learning. It is aimed at each and every one of Lantik's professionals. Everyone collaborates in its management by means of surveys, interviews ...

Policy for the prevention and control of work related risks

Lantik sees as fundamental in its management the creation of a preventive culture to guarantee the health, integrity and well-being of each and every person that makes up the company, based on the principle that prevention and protection is a collective task and is the responsibility of all those who are part of Lantik.

Safety and Health Committee

The Committee carries out far-reaching activities and at present is focusing all its efforts on raising awareness of and promoting the involvement in issues such as hygiene, safety, the environment and social responsibility, and to that end, it is renewing its strategy in regards to communication and staff access to information.

Industrial relations

At Lantik, we understand that our commitment to our staff constitutes a fundamental value, hence in recent years, relations with the workforce representation of the company have intensified, through the creation of relevant work committees and discussion and agreement forums, beyond what is strictly required by labour legislation.

At the present time, several committees are working on all these issues.

There has been an increase in the number of agreements reached concerning work improvements and a predisposition to involve workforce representatives in the management of projects that directly affect the human resource management system.


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